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    I guess some of you made more of those cables than I did, so please correct me:

    1 don’t forget to put the black rubber cable protection
    2 strip 15mm
    3 drill the shield to a wire and maybe put some tube on it
    4 solder the CS1 contacts to the wires
    5 insert all contact half ways into the RI8. numbers are printed on it.
    the broader part of the contact is outside (no way to put it inverted)
    1 brown 2 red, 3 orange/lila, 4 yellow, 5 green, 6 blue, 7 shield(GND), 8 black(+12V)
    6 IMPORTANT: connect a female counterpart TI8 to guide the contact.
    IF YOU DO NOT DO THIS, look what can happen:
    7 fully insert all contacts
    8 mount SC8 and SR8

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